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Have you ever wanted help with your home decor, but didn’t contact an interior designer because it wasn’t a large project? While we do handle many large renovation projects for clients in Greenwich, New York, Chicago, and Florida, that’s just one side of the services we offer at Shell Decor.

You don’t have to be planning on gutting your entire home and re-designing it floor-to-ceiling in order to enlist the services of an interior designer. For many of our clients, some design consulting and product specifications are all that is needed. You would be amazed at the difference new draperies, a clever furniture arrangement, and some fabulous accessories can do for your existing home decor!

Whether the job is large or small, having a professional eye to assist you can be a huge help. Don’t be afraid to admit that you’re lost.  Even if you love design and are always up on the latest trends, you’ll appreciate having the help of someone with more resources for furniture, decor and art, an ability to edit, and the insider tricks that come from designing living spaces for many different styles and situations.

Whether you want to completely remodel your Greenwich home or give a decorative update to your second home in the Hamptons or Palm Beach, we’d be more than happy to help you solve your design challenges.


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