Interior Design by Shelly

For over 20 years, Shell Décor has created and styled interiors for residential and commercial spaces. Her expertise allows her to design timeless and elegantly sophisticated interiors expanding from the modern to traditional. 

With flair, Shelly is known for her ability to listen and interpret her client's personal desires and needs in which she styles and designs livable spaces, which is why client's return for project after project. 

Your interior should be a reflection of your style and who you are while remaining elegant, timeless but yet functional.

Shelly began her career in corporate life as an executive at major cosmetic firms in charge of marketing, package design and advertising. It was there where she honed her naturally organized and focused traits which she has brought to every design project over the years. Shelly handles projects of all sizes with the same attention to detail and creative finesse and is sought after by clients throughout the country; Fairfield, Westchester Counties, in Manhattan, Florida, North Carolina, Chicago to name a few.